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Meta Box

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This add-on adds support for Meta Box plugin. WP Grid Builder natively works with WordPress custom fields. However, if you use a dedicated custom fields plugin like Meta Box, the values may be stored in such a way that they require additional processing to properly filter the content.

This add-on supports all field types generated by Meta Box plugin and makes it easy to filter content, regardless of field complexity. For example, you can filter by a cloneable multiple select field placed in a group.

Key features

  • Easily filter by any type of field from Meta Box
  • Display field values in cards from custom field block


Once the add-on activated, you will be able to search for Meta Box fields from the facet settings and card builder (custom field block). You just need to search for “meta box” and you will see as results all available fields from Meta Box plugin.


Meta Box - Facet Settings
Meta Box – Facet Settings
Meta Box - Card Builder
Meta Box – Card Builder



Release date: April 29, 2021

  • releasedPublic Release