Meet WP Grid Builder

Our mission is to provide an easy, all-in-one solution for building and filtering WordPress content.

Why We Built It

First of all, WP Grid Builder was created due to the growing demand for a solution to easily filter WordPress content. But also be able to scale up for medium to large WordPress sites.

This insight stems from the input of numerous users who engaged with a plugin called "The Grid," initially released in 2015 on CodeCanyon (Envato Market). Subsequently, we handed over its ownership to develop WP Grid Builder. The main functionality of this plugin is to layout content with grids. The grids can be filtered but in a very limited way by revealing/hiding the elements in the page. This is not the main feature and purpose of this plugin, but at the time we had many requests for it.

Beyond that, Envato Market place, and more specifically CodeCanyon, is not on a roll. For many years, due to the bad reputation of the Envato market and the questionable quality of many of the plugins available on this market, the sales of the best plugins on CodeCanyon have continued to plummet. CodeCanyon can be a great place to start selling WordPress plugins, but it's not the right place as an author or company to make a product that shines.

From these observations arose WP Grid Builder in 2019, a new plugin built from scratch after over a year of intensive development. A brand new plugin responding to a high demand for grid layout and content filtering, features missing from WordPress core.

The Founder

Loïc Blascos

I discovered WordPress in 2008 while studying materials science engineering, a very different field from web development. After graduating from engineering school, the passion for the web finally won out.

I developed my first website with Dreamweaver in 2004 and some Flash… I released my first premium WordPress theme in 2011 and my first premium plugin in 2013.

I currently live in the south of France, near Marseille, with my wife and two sons. I work from home and devote all of my time and company to WP Grid Builder for several years now. Additionally, I co-organize the WordPress Meetup in Aix-en-Provence and sponsor French WordCamps.

Mission & Vision

WP Grid Builder has quickly established itself as a solution in the WordPress ecosystem to layout and filter content.

The primary goal of WP Grid Builder is to reconcile WordPress users with advanced filtering features that are sometimes not easily accessible or difficult to implement. WP Grid Builder is all about simplicity. But, simplicity does not necessarily mean limited. WP Grid Builder is also intended for advanced users, freelancers and WordPress agencies.

The second objective is flexibility. The possibilities are almost unlimited, either from the user interface or with the JavaScript/PHP APIs offered by WP Grid Builder. In addition, each feature of the plugin can be used independently and in conjunction with other solutions in the WordPress ecosystem.

The user base and community around WP Grid Builder continues to grow and we are working hard to make WP Grid Builder the ultimate solution for WordPress layout and content filtering.